Can a Surgical Outcome Warranty Reduce Malpractice Claims?

Can a Surgical Outcome Warranty Reduce Malpractice Claims?

Do you ever worry about malpractice lawsuits from unsatisfied patients? It’s an ever-present concern for private practice spine surgeons and can be a huge source of stress.

But what if you could promise your patients a successful outcome – would that reduce the number of malpractice claims against you? Marvel Group’s Patient Promise™ surgical outcome warranty allows private practice spine surgeons to do just that, so join us as we explore how this type of surgical outcome warranty might impact your practice.

What does a surgical outcome warranty do?

The Patient Promise surgical outcome warranty is one component of Marvel Group’s Surgical Stewardship™ program offered by Marvel Group to top-tier private-practice spine surgeons who consistently deliver positive outcomes to their patients. The Patient Promise warranties that any out-of-pocket expenses up to $5,000 will be covered if follow-up surgery becomes necessary within one year of the original procedure.

Reducing malpractice claims 

Besides the obvious benefits that a surgical outcome warranty offers to the patient, there are also a number of benefits it offers to the surgeon as well, including the fact that it has the effect of reducing the number of malpractice claims.

One of the main reasons for this is that by offering a surgical outcome warranty, the surgeon can provide a higher level of confidence to patients that the outcome of a procedure will be exactly what was desired by both patient and surgeon. With the backing of the surgical outcome warranty, patients realize they can trust their surgeon to accomplish the best possible result through surgery. And if any kind of follow-up becomes necessary, that confidence gets extended to include certainty about the cost being managed.

In terms of spine surgery, the most likely area where a malpractice claim might be made is on the basis of surgical errors – and patients are not nearly as inclined to claim malpractice when they know an elite surgeon is handling their case. The added surety of the warranty lets patients feel comfortable about the financial aspect of additional surgery, which also tends to discourage unpleasant malpractice claims.

Peace of mind for you and the patient

You’ve worked hard to achieve the level of success you have; it only makes sense to safeguard it in every way possible. The Patient Promise surgical outcome warranty not only gives your patients peace of mind knowing that you’ve got their back but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your back is covered, too.

If you’d like to know if you qualify to join Marvel Group’s Surgical Stewardship program and offer the Patient Promise surgical outcome warranty, please contact us.

Can a Surgical Outcome Warranty Reduce Malpractice Claims?
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