Surgical Outcome Warranty: Build Instant Trust with Referring Physicians and Patients

Surgical Outcome Warranty: Build Instant Trust with Referring Physicians and Patients

Have you ever heard of a surgical outcome warranty? If not, don’t feel bad – not many people have.


As a critical component of Marvel Group’s Surgical Stewardship™ program, the surgical outcome warranty we call the Patient Promise™ is certain to become in demand by patients in the coming years. Not only is it designed to help differentiate our spine surgeon members from other spine surgeons in their areas by allowing them to offer their patients what is basically a “promise of performance.”

In short, the Patient Promise offsets out-of-pocket expenses up to $5,000 for patients if follow-up surgery should become necessary within 365 days of the original procedure. That provides a certain amount of financial freedom for the patient, and it demonstrates the confidence surgeons have in their ability to provide positive outcomes for his/her patients.  Offering this kind of surgical outcome warranty will also give you a leg up on the competition since it is exclusive to surgeons partnering with Marvel Group.

How it benefits patients

Very few patients are able to budget thousands of dollars for medical care, and that’s why they rely on medical insurance to cover most of the cost of any unanticipated procedures or surgeries. If a typical patient underwent spine surgery and later discovered that there was a problem with the procedure that required additional surgery, the cost could be devastating in its financial impact. Having as much as $5,000 available to cover the out-of-pocket expenses might be a lifesaver for many individuals. 

How it benefits spine surgeons

Being able to offer this surgical outcome warranty will show your patients that you are totally confident of being successful with every spinal procedure you undertake. When the surgeon has that much confidence, the patient will usually develop the same kind of confidence and trust that everything will come out right in the end. Given this high level of confidence in you, that might be sufficient grounds for patients to choose you over any other candidate surgeon. Those satisfied patients might then tell their friends about your surgical outcome warranty, and that could direct even more patients your way. Word of mouth can be a powerful form of advertisement, and in this case, it could benefit you tremendously.

Another way that offering the surgical outcome warranty to patients can benefit you as a surgeon is that you can advertise the fact that you are partnering with Marvel Group. When patients understand that only the elite among spine surgeons are offered this opportunity with Marvel Group, they might be more inclined to choose you on that basis. Any way you look at it, offering a surgical outcome warranty to your patients can be a real game-changer and could even help you achieve the kind of practice growth you’ve always strived for.

Are you an elite spine surgeon?

If you’re an outstanding private practice spine surgeon who would like to know if you qualify to join our Surgical Stewardship™ program and access all its program components like our surgical outcome warranty, we invite you to contact us.

Surgical Outcome Warranty: Build Instant Trust with Referring Physicians and Patients
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