Focusing on

The private practice spine surgeon

Like any small business owner, private practice spine surgeons are a different breed. They may come from all different backgrounds, but they all have one characteristic in common.




Courage to be independent, to be a free agent. Courage to stand up for the patient, and to stand alone when they must.

Spine surgeon who is a surgical partner of the Marvel Group


Surgical Stewardship

At Marvel Group, we celebrate the free agent, private practice spine surgeon by providing a Surgical Stewardship Program.


This platform is a premier, practice-building plan of action for select spine surgeons who want to maintain their independence while attracting more ideal patients and becoming known as a “specialist within their specialty.”


Maximize your profits

How the program works

Surgical Stewardship starts with adding the Patient Promise® to the spine devices and biologics you already use. Now you have a powerful benefit to share with your patients and referral sources. The Patient Ignition Platform will deliver you the tools and resources needed to build trust in the community and amplify your brand.

All the while, your practice will be collecting preoperative data from your patients, while your medical device rep collects intraoperative data, and your branded software will automatically follow-up with patients for up to two years to collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs).

Spine surgeon who is a surgical partner of the Marvel Group

Program Elements

surgeons partners of marvel group
Patient Ignition 

We provide a turnkey patient attraction program that targets new, as well as existing referral sources and patients. You’ll have the tools to speak directly to your community with the goal of expanding your base of ideal patients.

surgeons partners of marvel group
Additional Reimbursement Platform

Get paid more for superior outcomes. Marvel Group will provide you with the data and analytics needed to secure additional reimbursement from third-party payers.

surgeons of the marvel group
Patient Promise®*

Partner with Marvel Group and stand behind your work with a money-back guarantee for your patients up to $5,000.*

*Please see Terms & Conditions.

surgeons dta collection and analytics
PRO Data Ownership Platform

We work with our surgeon partners and Patient IQ® to provide university-level data analytics software to collect pre-surgical, intraoperative, and post-operative data. We then provide you with the data you need to communicate your superior outcomes to patients, referral sources, and payers.

To learn more about how our Surgical Stewardship program can help you increase your practice value, click here.