How Spine Surgeons Get the Best of Both Worlds with Marvel Group’s New Business Model

How Spine Surgeons Get the Best of Both Worlds with Marvel Group’s New Business Model

Surgeons seeking to join the revolutionary Surgical Stewardship™ movement now have a new way of doing business that gives them the best of both worlds. That’s because Marvel Group has just launched an innovative business model designed specifically for spine surgeons looking to take advantage of all the benefits of Surgical Stewardship but don’t want to give up their trusted distributor rep in order to do so.

Marvel Group partners with private practice spine surgeons who have demonstrated a consistent track record of achieving superior outcomes in surgery, and who wish to grow their ideal patient base and referrals through its Surgical Stewardship program. In the past, it would have been necessary for the surgeon to give up his/her sales rep and go with Marvel Group.

However, with its new sales model, Marvel Group is allowing spine surgeons to keep their distributor reps and join the Surgical Stewardship program. The distributor rep obtains their surgeons’ devices through Marvel Group while being able to use Surgical Stewardship program to help the surgeons grow their practices, which, in turn, grows the rep’s business as well.

Member benefits

When a distributor rep joins the Marvel Group team, it can give them a leg up on the competition because they can now offer their spine surgeon clients and potential clients numerous benefits only available through the Surgical Stewardship program. One of the program components includes a Patient Ignition Platform that provides all the tools and resources necessary to develop community awareness and to attract more ideal patients and referrals.

Another component is the Patient Promise™ surgical outcome warranty wherein patients receive up to $5,000 to handle out-of-pocket expenses if follow-up surgery becomes necessary within one year of the original procedure.

Through the Surgical Stewardship program, spine surgeons also receive data and analytics needed to secure additional reimbursement from third-party payers. In addition, Marvel Group provides member surgeons with the data and analytics they need to secure additional reimbursement from third-party payers.                               

A better way to do business

Spine surgeons will directly benefit from partnering with Marvel Group in two ways now.

Formerly, an elite private practice spine surgeon could expect to undergo significant practice growth because of all the resources provided by Marvel to get the word out in their community. And of course, the Patient Promise is also a great thing to have in your arsenal, when you’re trying to attract more ideal patients to your practice.

On top of those benefits, surgeons can now bring their trusted sales rep with them. Best of both worlds. Have your cake and eat it, too. However you want to describe it, it’s a big deal and a great way to do business.

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How Spine Surgeons Get the Best of Both Worlds with Marvel Group’s New Business Model
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