Attention Spinal Implant Reps: now you can Offer Your Clients Something Unique

Attention Spinal Implant Reps: Now You Can Offer Your Clients Something Unique

Are you a spinal implant distributor rep looking for an innovative way to differentiate yourself from your competitors while being able to offer something truly unique to your clients?

Look no further – the Surgical Stewardship™ program from Marvel Group can help with that.

Because Marvel Group recently expanded its sales model to include independent spinal implant distributors, you can now offer your surgeon-partners the highest quality products PLUS access to our highly coveted Surgical Stewardship program. 

Keep reading to find out how Surgical Stewardship can help your business grow!

A new approach


This is great news for you as a distributor because, in effect, it means you now have something unique and highly beneficial that you can offer to both your existing surgeon-partners as well as prospective ones. Surgical Stewardship has been deliberately designed to help grow the practices of spine surgeons and features several components that help further that goal.

One such component is the Patient Promise™ surgical outcome warranty, which seeks to help patients avoid out-of-pocket costs that might be necessary if follow-up surgery becomes necessary. Given that Marvel Group spine surgeons are all selected because of their history of superior outcomes in surgery, the likelihood of a second surgery is relatively minimal. However, being able to offer the Patient Promise is something that guarantees a patient will be covered for out-of-pocket expenses should any follow-up procedure be required.

Another component of Surgical Stewardship is a turnkey Patient Ignition Platform that targets new and existing referral sources and potential patients. The platform provides the surgeon with all the necessary tools and support to get the word out in the local community about the superior surgical services s/he offers. The goal of the platform is to increase community awareness about the surgeon and drive more ideal patients to seek the services of the surgeon.

In addition, the Surgical Stewardship Reimbursement Platform provides your surgeon-clients with the data and analytics they need to secure additional reimbursement from third-party payers. And through our PRO Data Ownership Platform, we provide your surgeons with university-level data analytics software so they can collect pre-surgical, intraoperative, and post-operative data that they can then use to communicate their superior outcomes to patients, referral sources, and payers.

Benefits of partnering with Marvel Group

In addition to having something unique and beneficial to offer your spine surgeon clients, there are other benefits that accrue to distributor representatives who decide to collaborate with Marvel Group. For one thing, you will have access to the full line of medical products offered by Marvel Group, and in many cases, these could be superior to the product lines you already offer.

And, as you increase your surgeons’ business through the Surgical Stewardship program, your business, in turn, will thrive.

If you want to learn more about how Marvel Group can help you increase your business, email us at today.

Attention Spinal Implant Reps: now you can Offer Your Clients Something Unique
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