Are You Being Properly Rewarded for Your Superior Surgical Outcomes?

Are You Being Properly Rewarded for Your Superior Surgical Outcomes?

Most surgeons would agree that providing superior surgical outcomes is their top priority. You work hard to provide the best possible care for your patients, and you deserve to be fairly compensated for your efforts. However, are you receiving the appropriate level of recognition and compensation for your superior surgical outcomes? 

Surgeons who consistently deliver superior outcomes to patients are especially entitled to greater compensation but don’t always get what they deserve.

If all this sounds too familiar to you, there’s something you can do about it. By collaborating with Marvel Group, an organization seeking to reward independent spine surgeons for their great work, you can not only be more highly compensated, but you’ll have an excellent opportunity to grow your practice as well. Continue reading to find out how you can be a part of this growing community of superior spine surgeons and receive the kinds of rewards that you’ve earned by reaching this high level of performance.

Appropriate compensation and a growing practice

Here’s how a relationship with Marvel Group can be to your benefit as a spine surgeon. Marvel Group as an organization knows today’s healthcare industry has moved strongly in the direction of value-based care. The fact you have developed a history of excellent surgical outcomes with your patients tells them that you are one of the practitioners who support this initiative and have similar views. Only private-practice spine surgeons who have achieved this top-tier standing are accepted into the program by Marvel Group.

When you partner with Marvel Group, you can participate in the Surgical Stewardship™ program, which is a program designed specifically to get you better compensation for your excellent results. The first component of this program is a surgical outcome warranty called the Patient Promise™, which is a decisive benefit associated with the biologics and medical instruments you already use.

In short, the Patient Promise warranties that patients receive up to $5,000 for any follow-up surgery that becomes necessary within 365 days of the initial procedure. Another valuable component of the program is the Patient Ignition Platform, which provides you with all the tools necessary to build your practice and your reputation within your community. This program can help you become more recognized for your great work, and at the same time, it can help grow your practice to the desired state.

Additionally, because Marvel Group partners with a group of insurance carriers who are willing to pay more for such superior results, you may also benefit by finally receiving the compensation you deserve.

Are you an elite spine surgeon?

If you’re an outstanding private practice spine surgeon who has a track record of positive outcomes with your patients, Marvel Group wants to hear from you. You may be eligible to participate in their Surgical Stewardship program and access all its program components like our surgical outcome warranty, we invite you to contact us.

Are You Being Properly Rewarded for Your Superior Surgical Outcomes?
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