spine surgeon looking at X-ray of cervical spine and is a client of marvel group

Peace of mind

Surgeon selection

Surgeons who partner with Marvel Group are the best of the best and they work with companies that stand behind their products.


Which is why patients who use one of our surgeon partners can rest assured they are in good hands – before, during, and after their surgery.

A better solution

Maximizing patient outcomes

Let’s face it: the reason surgeons become surgeons is to help patients. They want them to have the best. The best care, the best technology, the best outcomes.


At Marvel Group, we help surgeons give patients that…and more.


That’s because we back each device with more than just a quality guarantee. We give patients a promise.*

patient after surgery with the marvel group implant

We’ve got you covered

Patient Promise®*

Simple and Powerful

You’ve done everything possible to send your patient home with the highest quality spine surgery. You expect an excellent outcome. But sometimes complications arise that require a return to the operating room. The Patient Promise® will help your patients cover out-of-pocket expenses if a return to the OR is needed, for any reason, within 365 days of the original procedure. Some examples include surgical site infection, hematoma, seroma, hardware failure, misplaced hardware, cage migration, and pseudoarthrosis requiring revision.*

Marvel Group partners with the most innovative medical device manufacturers to offer the industry’s premier spine surgery product warranty. Participating products come with a one-year money-back guarantee of up to $5,000, paid directly to the patient if a revision surgery is needed.


Revision Surgery 

When a patient has an unplanned return to the operating room following the initial procedure, for a related procedure, for any reason (including infection) during the 365-day postoperative period.

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