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Your Practice- Building Partner

Practice Growth

Average first year growth of surgeon’s practice after implementing Marvel Group’s Surgical Stewardship program.

Increased Patient Confidence

Percentage of patients surveyed who would switch to a surgeon offering the Patient Promise®*

Top-Performing Surgeons

Surgeons who qualify for the Surgical Stewardship program have a third fewer revisions than the national average.**

*See Terms and Conditions


**Comparison between spine surgery patients enrolled in the Marvel Group Surgical Stewardship program vs the study outlined in Clinical Article J Neurosurg Spine 25:486–493, 2016

  • Spine surgeon focus

    Marvel Group is a practice building partner for the free-agent spine surgeon.

  • Practice building partners

    We help highly skilled but undervalued spine surgeons grow their businesses.

  • Solutions for growth

    We don’t just guarantee products – we offer solutions to help you grow your patient base.

About us

Marvel Group is a value-added medical device company that caters exclusively to our spine surgeon partners and industry partners. We work with leading medical device manufacturers to add the spine industry’s premier spine surgery product warranty to surgeons’ preferred implant systems for the benefit of patients.


But to us, it isn’t just about guaranteeing products – it’s about offering solutions that help grow your business while serving your patients with excellence. It’s about giving you leading-edge programs and services that help you streamline your processes. And it’s about giving you the tools you need to not just survive, but to thrive and grow your ideal patient base.

Providing unique opportunities to spine surgeons and their
industry partners.

At Marvel Group, we know that in today’s healthcare environment, it’s no longer enough to just be an excellent surgeon, facility, or medical device professional. To thrive in the current climate, you must be able to maximize your opportunities. That’s why we have developed a unique program that is designed to help our partners build, grow, and simplify.

Surgical Stewardship

A premier practice-building program for select spine surgeons who want to maintain their free-agent, independent status while attracting more ideal patients and becoming known as a specialist within their specialty.

Patient Promise®*

All of our products come with a one-year money-back guarantee of up to $5,000, paid directly to the patient.

Patient Ignition Program

When you have something new and beneficial for your patients, you want to tell the community. Differentiate yourself, amplify your reputation, and attract more ideal patients with our turnkey Patient Ignition Platform.

PROM Data Collection, Analytics, and Ownership

A turnkey solution for collecting pre-operative, intraoperative, and post-operative data from your patients and the operating room environment.

Whether you’re a spine surgeon with a newly established practice or an established surgeon who is looking to build practice enterprise value before retirement, the Marvel Group can help.

*See Terms & Conditions

Marvel Group provides a team of skilled professionals and the most effective technology to spine surgeons to help them build reputations as a “specialist within a specialty."

To learn more about the solutions Marvel Group can bring to you, click here to send us a message.